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Q.  I have Windows Vista, and the program does not appear in my Start menu, will not accept my name, save my results, or print them out.
A. Depending on your installation and user settings in Vista, the Programs folder is unable to save data for ordinary users.

The first, and easiest, way to ensure things work is to simply move the program into a sub-directory of your User folder. Vista will set all file permissions correctly, and you'll have no trouble saving data. The original program is located at C:\Program Files\Live Oak Multimedia\Auf Geht’s! 3.2. Once you have moved the program, create a new shortcut (explained below).

The second way is to install to the Programs folder as usual, but set the 'run as' permissions on the program's exe file to 'Administrator'. This will ensure that the program can write to its data files.

The third way is to set the program's exe to 'Windows XP compatibility mode', which will allow things to work just as they do on previous versions of Windows.

In almost every case, you can install the application in administrator mode but should not run it in this mode directly after installation. If you do, the application will create its settings file with administrator-only permissions, and when you run the app as a regular user it will not be able to save its settings. If you have already run the program, simply highlight all the files in the application folder and set all their permissions so that your regular user account can write to them.

Create a new shortcut: Click the start icon at the bottom left of the screen. Click ‘Computer’. Then navigate to the directory where Auf geht's! is located: C:\Program Files\Live Oak Multimedia\Auf Geht’s! 3.2 (the original folder), or the location in the User folder where you moved the program. Right click on ‘Auf geht’s!.exe’. Then make a shortcut to the Desktop under the ‘Send to’ option.


Q.  The program says that I don't have the latest version of Shockwave.
A. Auf geht's! requires the Shockwave player to decompress the large amount of content stored inside the interactive. Download the latest Macromedia Shockwave Player to solve the problem.

Follow the normal installation procedure as directed for Shockwave and restart your computer.


Q.  When I start the program, a Dialogue box tells me to install the latest version of Quicktime.
A.  You need to get a more recent version of Quicktime. This can be done in several ways:
1. If you already have a version of QT installed, update it directly. For Windows XP, click on Start, find Quick Time and then select Quick TIme Updater. Naturally you must have an active internet connection for this to work.

2. If you do not have Quick Time, download the latest version of Quicktime from Apple.


Q. What does the printout feature do?
A. It prints out your scores on many of the activities for that Thema as well as everything that you type into the Text Boxes. You can bring it to class to use there or turn in to your teacher if required.


Q. I don't have a printer!
A. You will need to address the situation. Here are some suggestions:
1. Talk to the IT people at your university - they probably have some network printers on the campus that you can access over the school's network. Once you can access a printer, then the program will print as stated.
2. Buy a cheap printer, used or new. They almost give them away these days, and someone probably has one laying around if you start asking.
3. Install a "virtual" pdf print engine on your computer. After you have installed Auf geht's!, whenever you get a print dialogue box (from any application) you select this virtual pdf engine as your printer, and get a pdf file saved to your computer. This file can then be taken (with a RAM stick, for example) to a computer with access to a printer, or emailed directly to your instructor.
Windows: There are a number of these virtual printers available. The main one is Adobe Acrobat, since they invented this format. One free program that seems to work well is Primopdf, which can be downloaded at Naturally like any freeware, use it at your own risk. For more options, do a google search for virtual printers.
Mac Users: Mac OS X has the ability to create these pdf files built into every print dialog - go to the Finder's Help menu, and type in "Saving a document as a PDF file" for more information.


Q. I try to print out my work but nothing happens.
A. Like with any other software, such as MS Word, you need a printer connected to your computer to print out your work. Make sure you have one! If a valid printer is hooked up, the printout feature should work fine.


Q. How do I save my work with the Auf geht's! software?
A. Unlike in a program such as Microsoft Word, you do not need to press a Save button to save your work in Auf geht's!. Everything you do is automatically stored on your hard drive and is available to you every time you run the program. To demonstrate the work you've done to your instructor, use the 'Printout' command that is located at the bottom of each Thema screen.


Q. I am using Windows and am unable to play audio or video in the interactive.
A. You are having issues with Quicktime. To solve this, experiment with QT compatibility as follows:

Select "Start / All Programs / Quicktime / Quicktime Player". Then select "Edit / Preferences / Quicktime Preferences". Choose 1): the Audio tab and select Safe Mode (checkbox) and / or 2): Advanced mode and check radio button on 'Safe Mode' for Video.

One of these steps will usually solve the problem of a conflict between the Quicktime multimedia player and your graphics acceleration driver, which is usually the cause of this problem.


1024 x 768
800 x 600

Q. Part of the screen seems chopped off and I can't quit.

A. Auf geht's! runs at a screen resolution of 1024x768 and you probably have your monitor set to a smaller resolution, such as 800x600. For Windows XP:

1) Right click somewhere on your desktop to get the Display Properties dialog box.

2) Select the 'settings' tab on the far right of the Display Properties dialog box.

3) Set the screen resolution to 1024x768.

It may take some seconds for your computer to reset to the new setting but that should fix the problem.


Q. The speed tests are too fast - I can't ever keep up or finish the activity.
A. The way it works now with Speed Tests, you will hear a stimulus and then need to click on the answer. If you get it right, it will turn green. If you get it wrong, it will turn red and the correct answer will turn green briefly. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS GREEN ANSWER. Your computer stores each click you make, so if you click on the green one, it thinks its your answer to the NEXT question that you haven't even heard yet. This will get you into a downward spiral.
Instead, when you see the green correct answer flash, ignore it and wait for your next stimulus. Then click on that.
Remember, each click you make is stored in order. If you find that you've accidently gotten ahead of the computer, just sit and wait a bit until it catches up.


 Q. I can't make the special characters ü, ö, ä or ß!
A. Yes you can. ;-) Auf geht's! and Weiter geht's! have built-in shortcuts for German keys on Windows. Check out the Orientation to learn how to access them, but remember that this won't help you in other programs. Mac OS X has shortcuts built into the system that can be accessed from any program - see the Orientation to learn more.

There is a basic intro to the issue of special characters on Windows machines at:

Tutorial: how to add German keyboard input to my computer

The best method is to change your keyboard to the German keyboard, but there are also a few, complicated key combinations that work in all applications to produce special characters.


Q. I want to report a problem with the software.

A. Follow the steps below to report your problem.
1. First identify what screen it's on. You can do this by looking at the bar at the top of your program. It will tell you the Unit number (1-12) with a name, then the Thema number (usually 1-4), then the Module number (1-8) and then the actual screen, which will be a letter between A-H in white. So the screen 212A means unit 2, Thema 1, Module 2 screen A. It's titled Meine Familie: Tanja.
2. Once you have the screen identified, describe as precisely as you can what happens or doesn't happen. Here is an example of a good bug-report.

"On screen 323B I hit play on the audio bar to listen to Kai and all I hear is static so I can't do the activity. I only have that problem on this screen; the rest of the audio bars work fine".

These is a good report because it tells us where and what the problem is.

Here is an example of a less helpful report:
"The speed test doesn't work."

This report is missing some important information, such as which speed test isn't working, how it isn't working, etc. We're eager to help fix any problems users encounter, and sending a detailed error report speeds up the entire process.
3. Email your report with the following info:

  • Operating system (Mac OS X, Windows Vista, Windows 8, etc.)
  • Computer chip speed (megahertz) and RAM
  • Version of Auf geht's! (you can find this on the 'about' screen)
  • Any error messages you are receiving

Send this to We will respond within 24 hours and will provide tech support until your problem is resolved.