Purchasing AG

The current version is Auf geht's! 3.2 for academic year 2013-14 (including summer 2014 classes).
ISBN: 978-1-886553-38-5.
Auf geht's! 3.2 will be ready for shipment in late July 2013.

To order:

- Students who wish to purchase directly from Evia Learning may visit our online store by going to www.evialearning.com and clicking on the Store tab or by clicking on "Buy Auf geht's! now" below.

- Bookstores may place purchase orders by fax (415-962-4168), phone (616-393-8803), or email (orders@evialearning.com).


What will I get?
The student product includes:

  • Student interactive - (installation from a DVD-ROM)
  • 250 page full color Lernbuch

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