Student comments

" I just wanted to give you some feedback on the textbook. I've taken seven years of French before I decided to attempt German...for the little bit of time that I used the CD and looked at the textbook, I think you have developed a PHENOMENAL system for teaching a language! Maybe it can be attributed to me having gone through the process of learning a language once before, but I felt that I was picking things up very quickly and having a much better understanding of the vocabulary and pronunciation than I had from looking at the [text]book."
"My roommate is so jealous of me because I get to play for my homework."
"When I arrived at the Berlin airport [after 1 semester with AG!] it was like stepping out into the CD-ROM!"
"For Cultural Differences, having German audio with the English translation appearing is awesome."
"I really like the fact that there is a lot of emphasis on pronunciation at the beginning."
"The audio clips of the Germans talking about themselves are great. The subjects didn't seem to have prepared answers which made their responses very natural and realistic."
"This is the kind of stuff I wish I could have learned in my other languages--not just the days of the week and colors and counting to 100."
"The culture material is really interesting (Freund vs. friend, Frische Luft, etc.) and being able to do as much talking about various typical topics (family, studies, where I live) would be very helpful if I were to go to Germany now for example."
"These new learning materials have been outstanding. I have studied Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese as well, and this is the best program I have seen."
"You [instructor] would be so proud of me, I am in some random East German town (Dessau) studying the composer Kurt Weill and the Bauhaus movement. Nobody speaks ANY English, and I am getting on ok! even making myself understood sometimes!"

Instructor comments

"Usually I have between 2-4 students go on from 2nd semester German to 3rd semester (out of 40). This last year it is was 14 out of 44. We have a 1-year core requirement. I think this increase is in large part due to the Auf geht's! curriculum."
"A student told my department chair that one of his friends wanted to add the course after the first couple weeks of class (too late of course, but sill wanted to) because 'they had learned so much already.'"
"I would say that as the teacher, I really like the realistic approach in that things are presented as needed or as they might come up...none of this "oh, they can't possibly do accusative or possessive pronouns's only the first / second chapter..." It's not any harder for them now than later... At this stage everything is equally new, so why not let them make sentences that are useful and not so stilted and artificial as in most first-year books?"
"I also like the wealth of cultural information that is presented interestingly, sometime whimsically, and with nice pictures and fabulous audio clips...again, normal German just as they themselves might encounter if in Germany and speaking with sympathetic native speakers. What a good way to get the rhythm and melody of the language into the ear. Why not give them the real thing from day one instead of those stilted, contrived dialogs that are always to be found in other programs' audio ancillaries?"
[refering to a German visiting class] "[A]s soon as our young German visitor started speaking the students were flabbergasted - OMG she sounds exactly like the interactive! Lots of jokes followed about hooking her up to a mouse and dragging her phrases around..."
"My students have had nothing but positive comments about Auf Geht’s! And, more importantly, they are really enjoying learning to speak German. We are having a lot of fun in the foreign language classroom which makes all the difference in the world in lowering the affective filter."
"Students are far more prepared for class than when I used [LEADING TEXTBOOK] here last year. They have clearly engaged with the vocabulary outside of the class hour and easily transition into the class activities and drills. A student yesterday told me this was the best software approach to language learning that he had experienced."
"Students have comments that they 'love the CD.' Some because they can listen over and over again to the audio, some for the cultural info and pictures."
"The variety of exercises is great – a routine, but also a few surprises. (the picture that comes up for “hässlich”, the boy who picks at his nose and his mom in Unit 2) They like the authenticity and feel they are going to be better able to understand naturally spoken German."
"The topics are interesting to them, and they feel the speakers interviewed are real – which makes learning feel more relevant. I think they connect more to the characters."
"I would think that being exposed to so many wonderful images through the photographs has some kind of effect. Nothing like that in other materials, on the web, anywhere."
"I am having fabulous results with Auf geht's. I am truly amazed at the students' pronunciation. By the way, the drop rate for German is almost non-existent!"
"I should tell you that I'm really tickled that my students are getting a broader view of Germany. On the Unit 4 assessment on Berlin, most of them wrote that they had previously only associated the Berlin Wall with Berlin, but now they also think of the museums, especially "that cool one with the Greek temple", and art and architecture."