Proficiency based

Auf geht's! is designed to assist the learner to intermediate-low proficiency based on the ACTFL proficiency guidelines. For oral proficiency, the learner can 'handle successfully a limited number of uncomplicated communicative tasks in straightforward social situations.' They can 'generally be understood by sympathetic interlocuters, particularly those accustomed to dealing with non-natives', with similar goals in other skills (reading, writing, listening).

This means that our 'grammatical syllabus' is GREATLY reduced over what is common in 1st year books. Learners cannot proceed to higher levels of proficiency without first achieving the lower levels, so our tasks and materials target getting learners to intermediate-low and even intermediate-mid.

Our authentic materials are NOT native to native, but native to non-native communication. We achieve this by using carefully-designed interview questions administered by non-native speakers to elicit natural, authentic sympathetic responses aimed at non-natives ('sympauthentic input'). This same spirit pervades all the tasks and materials used throughout the course.