What is Auf geht's! ?


Auf geht's involves a new approach to language learning utilizing three modes of language learning:

Interactive - innovative computer study time outside of class.

Written - the Lernbuch focuses on written language production, based on the same subjects / interview topics that students have listened to in their interactive preparation. The Lernbuch also makes extensive use of model texts - students can use these as jumping off point for their own complex (given their level) answers.

Class - valuable class time focuses on conversation and active use of new structures (students have already been introduced to vocabulary and concepts in the interactive). Extensive use of supplemental downloadable handouts allows for maximum customization according to individual teaching style.



Five distinctive elements of the Auf geht's! curriculum:

1. Cultural curriculm
2. Learner focused interactions
3. Integrated multiple media
4. Authentic materials
5. Proficiency based