Nick Ostrau on Auf geht’s!

Nick Ostrau teaches German at Dartmouth College and gives his assessment of Auf geht’s!.
You can email him at

Introduction to Auf geht’s!

A short (18 min) overview of the Auf geht’s! program for Beginning German Language and Culture, published by Live Oak Multimedia and distributed by Evia Learning Inc.

Auf geht’s! computer app—how it works

This video goes through two days’ worth of student work in the Auf geht’s! computer app to show how it works and how it prepares students for work in class in the areas of vocabulary development, cultural knowledge and listening skills. It shows unit 5.1 about Northern Germany.

It’s definitely worth your time downloading and trying out the demo yourself or requesting a desk copy from Evia Learning. The computer app is the key learning space for students outside of class.